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Hi, I’m Shanna May.
Here’s some words so your brains can quickly summarise me.

Fine Artist, Designer, YouTuber, Travel Vlogger, British, Editor, Online Media “taker-advantage-of-er.”

I own a small art business Called “Artful Studio Enterprises” where I sell original artwork, Prints, Posters and other Merchandise.

I create Art. Video Game Art, Popular Culture Art, Portrait Art, Funny Art, Strange Art, YouTuber Art, Political Art. Lots of Stuff.
Watch it all get created on The Artful Show & The Artful Studios on YouTube.

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Thanks Jesse.

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

(Work In Progress)


I swear I’d be THE coolest mom ever. “Mom could I get a video game console for christmas?” “What are you talking about.. we Already have them all with anything you could ever want to play in our multiple games rooms. Once I’ve finished my Assassins Creed Painting I’ll come and join you on Halo Dear.”

My God, I don’t know what’s worse, people who’s lives revolve around having a relationship or people who’s lives revolve around NOT having one.

Chill okay. Nothing really matters, we’re all cosmic dust.

I strongly suggest you go and watch my snapchats of me chasing a chicken around my garden for an hour.



Feels good to be filming in my set-up again.

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Here’s a random selfie from my new YouTube video.

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Brand new speed art video on my channel where I design my friends as Superheroes of New York!

—-> <—- Watch it here.

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