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Hi, I’m Shanna May.
Here’s some words so your brains can quickly summarise me.

Fine Artist, Designer, YouTuber, Travel Vlogger, British, Editor, Online Media “taker-advantage-of-er.”

I own a small art business Called “Artful Studio Enterprises” where I sell original artwork, Prints, Posters and other Merchandise.

I create Art. Video Game Art, Popular Culture Art, Portrait Art, Funny Art, Strange Art, YouTuber Art, Political Art. Lots of Stuff.
Watch it all get created on The Artful Show & The Artful Studios on YouTube.

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Yay great another girl that just wants to be friends with benefits, definitely know how to pick them!!! Fuck!!!! Why can’t I find a girl that wants more! Fuck!!!!!!

More can sometimes be disastrous. 

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im so glad im average looking bc i dont get hate for my looks and i also dont often get messages like “i want to shove my whole forearm into your asshole” so thats nice too

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Candle flame uses up oxygen in jar creating a vacuum which sucks up the liquid, come on Shanna, this was taught at school :P
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I suck at knowing things


Ombre hair.

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Throwback to when my hair was natural and I spent the day writing in Central Park.

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See you on the other side!