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Hi, I’m Shanna May.
Here’s some words so your brains can quickly summarise me.

Fine Artist, Designer, YouTuber, Travel Vlogger, British, Editor, Online Media “taker-advantage-of-er.”

I own a small art business Called “Artful Studio Enterprises” where I sell original artwork, Prints, Posters and other Merchandise.

I create Art. Video Game Art, Popular Culture Art, Portrait Art, Funny Art, Strange Art, YouTuber Art, Political Art. Lots of Stuff.
Watch it all get created on The Artful Show & The Artful Studios on YouTube.

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"A Relationship?  Dude, I can’t even commit to my country."

Should be my catchphrase, website tag line, first tattoo… the list is endless.


These jumper-type leggings that arrived today are so cute an warm an Comfy. Gah Christmas ^_^


All dressed up… but of course with no place to go.

So here’s a fucking selfie of my grumpy self.

Thank you sir.


This movie reminds me of a really close friend of mine.

When hot guys get shit haircuts.